Annapurna Indian Dance - Halifax, UK

Kiranmayee work-shadowed with one of the oldest dance companies in Yorkshire during her tours to UK. Annapurna Indian Dance, spearheaded by dancer and cultural entrepreneur Shantha Rao, conducts numerous events and activities that encourage communities to come together and learn about Indian heritage. 


Kiranmayee accompanied Shantha Rao and her company's dancers over several workshops in various schools of Halifax and Leeds in Yorkshire. The body of work included several challenging workshops for children with special needs, for elderly and physically challenged individuals and for minority community schools etc. They presented their work on the forgotten Indian soldiers at various schools, throwing light on their contributions to the world during the 1st World War. 

SVIAS, Batticaloa, Sri Lanka

Kiranmayee conducted an integrated workshop for the final year students of Sri Vipulananda Institute of Aesthetic Studies in Batticaloa, a city in the eastern part of Sri Lanka.

Attended by nearly 30 dancers, this workshop dealt with interpretation of literature of padams performed in Bharatanatyam.


World View Education

Non verbal communication is an integral part of our being and can be every effectively addressed through Bharatanatyam.

Kiranmayee conducted an innovative day-long workshop for Worldview education in their 'cast away' programme, which combines outdoor activities and learning. Kiranmayee introduced the basics of abhinaya, nava rasas and several mudras to the students and encouraged them to create a small skit highlighting non-verbal communication at the end of the session.

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